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  • Reflects an invisible beam as it is visible in the second harmonic
  • High mechanical durability
  • High sensitivity to laser radiation
  • Damage threshold for pulse laser – 1 J/cm2, 10 ns
  • Damage threshold for CW laser – 400 W/cm2

Laser Beam Visualizer 990-0840 is used for visualization of CW or pulsed laser radiation with wavelength 880-1070 nm. When CW or pulsed laser radiation of wavelength 880-1070 nm falls onto the working surface, the latter glows in the second harmonic of the beam. Use this item to adjust and check a shape of a laser beam. It helps to see the structure of a laser beam intensity distribution.  Working surface diameter – 35 mm.


Laser Beam Visualizer 990-0841 visualizes IR and UV coherent and incoherent radiation from various light sources, lasers and others. Made of rare-earth materials, it is an eco-friendly ceramic tablet.


Laser Beam Visualizer 990-0842 combines 990-0840 and 990-0841 into one for user convenience. One side visualizes radiation with wavelength 190-1600 nm by emitting red color and the other side visualizes radiation with 880-1070 nm by emitting green color.