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Variable Wheel Attenuator 990-0604

  • 4 wheels
  • 3 filters per wheel  (12 filters in total)
  • Filter diameter 20 or 25.4 mm
  • Non-parallel filters (inclined by 4°) m
  • Maximum deviation 0.09 mm
  • Clear aperture Ø18/Ø20 mm
  • C-mount threads on both ends
  • Connecting adapters available

Variable Wheel Attenuator 990-0604 is a basic model with 4 filter-set wheels. Each wheel contains 4 filter mounts each of Ø20 mm with a clear aperture of Ø18 mm.


Each filter mount is inclined by 4° to avoid retroreflections. Each wheel has 4 fixed positions. You can use any of these 4 filter positions as an optical axis. The back and front panels do not obscure. Both panels have 1″-32 threaded holes (C-Mounts). Mounting M6 hole is provided in the bottom plate.


You may order standard connecting adapters 990-0000-01, 990-0000-02 and 990-000-03 separately. Custom adapters are available.


990-0604-02 model is designed to accept 1” (25.4 mm) filters with maximum thickness of  3 mm. This model comes without filters.