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Variable Attenuator for Femtosecond Linearly Polarized Laser Beam 990-0070

Divides laser beam into two parallel beams of manually adjustable intensity ratio

  • Large dynamic range
  • Negligible transmitted beam deviation
  • High optical damage threshold
  • S -Pol attenuation range ~ 0.25% – 99.0% P-Pol attenuation range ~ 0.5 % – 95.0 %


This variable attenuator/beamsplitter consists of special design opto-mechanical Adapter and precision opto-mechanical holder 840-0197. Two Thin Film Brewster type polarizers, which reflect s-polarized light while transmitting p-polarized light, are housed into Adapter. Quartz  Half Waveplates are housed in rotating holder 840-0197.

The intensity ratio of those two beams may be continuously varied without alteration of other beam parameters by rotating the waveplate. The intensity of either exit beam, or their intensity ratio, can be controlled over a wide dynamic range. P-polarization could be selected for maximum transmission, or high-purity s-polarization could be reflected when maximum attenuation of the transmitted beam takes place. The holder 840-0197 allows to adjust Angle Of Incidence of the Thin Film Brewster type polarizers by ±2° and to get the maximum polarization contrast.


Aperture diameter 17 mm
Damage threshold
for high power laser applications:
>10 mJ/cm2, 50 fs pulse at 800 nm, typical
>100 mJ/cm2, 50 fs pulse at 800 nm, typical
Time dispersion t<4 fs for 100 fs Ti:Sapphire laser pulses
Polarization Contrast (after 1st polarizer) >1:200
Polarization Contrast (after 2nd polarizer) >1:500