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Top Hat Beam Shaping Lens FBS

FBS series Top Hat beam shapers are designed for generation of round or rectangular/square Top Hat profiles. All beam shapers are so called focal beam shapers and generate the Top Hat profile in focal plane of nearly any focusing optics.


FBS series can be used to generate Top Hats sizes which are typically smaller than 100µm. The Top Hat size can be easily scaled by using additional different focusing optics (respectively the focal length).


FBS beam shaper can be combined with any objective or F-Theta lens. FBS can be included at nearly any position into the beam path (even in front of or within a beam expander/telescope).


The diameter of Top Hat in the focal plane will be 1.5 times larger than the diffraction limited Gaussian focus and is approximately given by 2*λ*f/d or λ/NA with the numerical aperture (NA) of the focused beam. FBSR elements need to be matched to the laser wavelength (λ) and the (input) beam diameter (d).