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  • Relative Measurements from 0.1 to 30 THz Broadband, room temperature operation, easier to use and less expensive than a Golay cell
  • Wide Dynamic Range from nW to mW With state of the art pyroelectric sensors, measure down to 50 nW with 1 nW resolution
  • Use with T-Rad THz Module or T-Rad-Analog Analog Power Module Each head can be connected to an oscilloscope using the analog power module (T-Rad-Analog) or directly to a PC with the digital power module (T-Rad)
  • Several Sensor Sizes Available Choice of 5 mm and 9 mm diameter
  • Calibrated at 0.63 µm THZ-B detectors are calibrated at a single wavelength (0.63 µm) and include typical wavelength correction data from 0.25 to 440 µm. They are used for relative measurements outside that range
  • SDC-500 Optical Chopper All THZ-B detectors require the use of an optical chopper, like our SDC-500, to sync the signal at either 5 Hz (DA models) or 25 Hz (DZ models)
  • User-Friendly Software with Many Features (When used with T-Rad-USB)
    • Strip Chart, Statistics and Tuning Needle displays
    • Controls and Power display always visible
    • Tuning Needle display includes min/max indicators
    • Data Logging for long term testing