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Taccor Laser

With the taccor family, Laser Quantum offers a range of femtosecond lasers with a repetition rate of 1 GHz. They are all turn-key products that combine the pump laser and oscillator in a compact mono-block design that greatly reduces the maintenance needs compared to other similar designs.

The taccor one is a laser that can be supplied with a wavelength between 740 nm and 920 nm to match the application. We adjust the cavity to obtain the required wavelength. It is also available with a selection of pump laser to deliver the required optical power.

The taccor power has an output wavelength centred around 800 nm and is designed and then tuned to offer the highest power for the configuration. This leads to output power up to 1.8 W. The taccor ultra has an output wavelength around 800 nm but unlike the taccor power, is designed and then tuned to create the widest possible spectral bandwidth and the shortest possible pulse durations.

The taccor tune uses a simple touch-screen control (or software) to alter the output wavelength between 740 nm and 880 nm or 780 nm and 930 nm, making this laser ideal for applications where different wavelengths will be required.

The taccor x10 is a turn-key femtosecond laser with a 10 GHz repetition rate, delivering more than 1 W of average power in pulses as short as 50 fs.