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Table Supports 765, 766

  • Convenient sizes
  • Optimal height
  • Multipurpose in use
  • Handy assembling

Optical Table Supports are primarily designed for support of the Honeycomb Tabletops 720-740. Table Supports are produced from steel tubes of 100 mm square section, in decorative black coating, and contain two “Π” type supports, bound by a cross-beam.

Optical Table Supports ideally suit other types of optical plates and other equipment, e.g. Laser Shelves, as well. This is possible because the plates are not fastened – they are just laid on top of the supports.

On request we produce table supports of any size, design, and of greater sturdiness.

For heavy tabletops longer than 3500 mm we provide reinforced table support structure by default. Extra cross-bars are added to three sides of the table support frame for increased stability and reliability. Standard length – 2200 mm between support leg centers.