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Steel Rail Carriers 810-0020

Rail Carriers 810-0020 may be quickly lifted and set again on the rail. Slide the carrier to any point on the rail and secure it with the fixing screw. The carriers have a pattern of M6 tapped holes and Ø6.4 mm mounting holes for fastening of other opto-mechanical elements.


Design of the carriers allows to achieve high versatility within small space. Carrier 810-0020-04 has Ø18 mm clear aperture. Precision Carriers 810-0020 come in two available widths: 25 mm and 50 mm. Carrier 810-0020-06 may be used as a reference positioning component for repeated positioning. Units, such as 810-0020-04 or 860-0090-02 may be reinserted exactly into the same position next to the reference carrier.


The Rail Carriers are made of black finished hardened steel.