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Picosecond Laser EO-PICO

Quantas EO-PICO laser system is designed for OEMs and system integrators who produce picosecond laser systems for medical and aesthetic use. It combines innovative pulse compression technique with robust master oscillator.



  • More than 1 mJ pulse energy
  • Air cooled (no water)
  • Short pulse duration 700 ps
  • Variable pulse repetition rate (up to 20 Hz)
  • Remote control via built-in Ethernet interface
  • Guaranteed >1 Gshot lifetime


System consists of diode pumped actively Q-switched short pulse nano-second laser and nonlinear solid state compressor. Master oscillator is designed to produce short pulses with high output energy, Optical components of master oscillator are sealed from environment in order to avoid contamination and ensure long-term reliable operation of the laser.


Master oscillator and pulse compressor are mounted on common plate that is temperature controlled using TEC coolers with good temperature stability. Compact design of EO-PICO makes it easy to integrate into amplifier system.


Typical applications are seeding picosecond amplifiers, medical, spectroscopy, metrology, supercontinuum generation, pollution monitoring and biophotonics.