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The first instrument designed for the single task of bio-imaging.

Until now traditional laser ablation instruments were developed for a wide range of applications and were not designed to handle the rigors of bio-imaging.  Bio-imaging requires lower fluence, better stability and superior sample transport. The NWRimage is designed for the sole task of high resolution, high-speed bio-imaging by LA-ICP-MS.


High frequency, high resolution and high magnification for high-speed reliable results

  • Stability over billions of laser shots encountered during bio-imaging applications with a high frequency, Diode Pumped Solid State laser source.
  • Maximizes ablation of the sample and eliminates ablation of the glass microscope slide to minimize substrate interferences with a 266nm wavelength laser
  • High resolution elemental analysis down to 1×1 micron by employing ESI’s unique XYR shutter. Up to 65×65 microns for lower resolution analysis.
  • Ultrafast washout times (<20ms) which enables laser frequencies of 50Hz to be employed with baseline resolution, and efficient aerosol transport even for 1 micron ablations through ESI’s Bloodhound equipped TwoVol2 ablation cell.
  • High magnification sample viewing with an optional turret based objective lens system.
  • Achievable resolution ~500 nm with optional sub 1 micron ablation mode.