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Multi-Axis Tilt Platform 850-0010

Multi-Axis Tilt Platform 850-0010 provides angular adjustment about two axes – tilting and in-plane rotation.


The mounting platform is rotated around kinematic pivot point by two micrometers. The out-of-plane tilting range is ±2° and the in-plane rotation range is ±2.5°. Two micrometer screws are located side by side for a handy use. The adjustment movements are not calibrated, and they are uncoupled.


The mounting platform has a 25 mm grid of tapped holes M6 and M4.


Model 850-0009 is a narrow custom modification of 850-0010.


Two clearance holes Ø6.2 mm are provided in the base of the unit. This allows to attach 850-0010 to tables and breadboards. Also you can clamp the base of the unit by Table Clamp 820-0240; this way you can place the unit on the table in any direction.


The tilt platform is made of black anodized aluminium.