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Motorized Variable Two Wheels Attenuator 991-0602

  • Filter diameter – Ø20 / Ø25.4 mm
  • Clear aperture Ø18 / Ø23 mm
  • Non-parallel filters (inclined by 4°)
  • Maximum thickness of filters – 4 mm
  • Custom design available
  • Closed Motorized Variable Wheel Attenuator 991-0704 is available. Ideal for CCD-cameras.

Motorized Variable Two Wheel Attenuator 991-0602consists of two filter wheels. Each wheel contains eight filter mounts of Ø20 mm or Ø25.4 mm with clear apertures of Ø18 mm or Ø23 mm respectively. Each mount is inclined by 4° to prevent mutual reflections between filters.


We supply 991-0202-01 attenuators with a standard, most popular, set of filters. See the table below. Alternatively, optics can be manufactured according to individual orders. Or we can supply the attenuators without filters, which you can fit by yourself. Bring a filter of each wheel into the optical path easily by hand or using automation. A single step motor drives the two wheels. A computer can operate the filter attenuator via a controller. Controllers are sold separately.
For fastening, attenuator has clearance slots for M6 and M4 screws. There are also two M6 holes, and one M4 hole (opposite to one of the M6 holes).