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Monitor M-LINK


  • The Universal MeterReads ALL Heads:
    • Power: Thermopiles, Photo Detectors and Pyroelectrics
    • Energy: Thermopiles (in single shot mode), Photo Detectors and Pyroelectrics
  • Measure fJ Energy LevelsThanks to a unique digital method for suppressing the noise on the lower ranges
  • External TriggerSynchronize your M-LINK to your pulsed laser or digital chopper
  • Digital (USB) OutputConnect the M-LINK module directly to your PC
  • Powerful LabView SoftwareFeatures include:
    • Complete instrument controls: Range, Trigger, Wavelength, etc.
    • Live display in J and J/cm2 or W and W/cm2
    • Full Statistics: Min, Max, Mean, Standard Deviation, RMS Stability , Repetition Rate, etc.
    • Graphic Displays: Strip Chart, Histogram, Tuning Needle and more
    • Data File Collection and Analysis