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Monitor Blu


This new line of All-in-One detectors combine a detector and a meter with Bluetooth connectivity in one convenient product. The small but powerful meter of the BLU Series presents a Bluetooth connection so you can display the results on your mobile device with the Gentec-EO BLU app available for both iOS and Android systems. Need to use it with a PC? Simply plug in the included Bluetooth receptor and be ready to make power or energy measurements within seconds!

  • All-in-one detector + meterThis new line of All-in-One detectors combine a detector and a meter with Bluetooth connectivity in one convenient product. No need to carry a meter!
  • Safer work environmentOperators can be far from the detector while making measurements (up to 30m, depending on the environment and barriers). And with less cables in the workspace, accidents are less likely to happen!
  • Extensive coverageReceive data at up to 30m from the detector, with the same performance as the usual detector + monitor combination.
  • Long battery lifeThe USB-rechargeable Li-ion battery lasts up to 5 continuous days with the device running
  • Go wirelessNo need to worry about cable length or monitor location
  • Save 50% on calibration costsOne Product = One Calibration. Reduce your recalibration costs by half!
  • Available with:UP19-H