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  • High Power Handling Handles up to 12 kW of continuous power with our standard models. Custom models available for higher powers (See SUPER HP)
  • Stable Reading Less sensitive to variations in water cooling temperature than any other high power water-cooled meter on the market
  • Large Aperture Our standard HP models (4KW, 12KW and 15KW) have a very large effective aperture of 125 mm Ø to accomodate even the largest laser beams. Larger apertures with various shapes are available upon request (See SUPER HP)
  • Special Model for Small Beams 10 kW model with reflective cone available upon request. Perfect for small beams (with Avg Power Densities up to 10 kW/cm2 @ 10 kW)
  • Available with YAG and CO2 Calibration All HP Models can be calibrated at YAG and CO2 wavelengths with a calibration uncertainty of +/- 5%
  • Direct USB Connection to a PC Each head comes with both a DB-15 connector (for use with a Gentec-EO monitor) and a USB2.0 output for direct connection to a PC
  • Compatible Monitors