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Honeycomb Breadboards 704, 705, 707, 712

  • Core – 265 kg/m³ 0.25 mm
  • Thick steel honeycomb top skin – 5 mm thick ferromagnetic stainless steel
  • Pattern of M6 holes spaced by 25 mm
  • Flatness ±0.1 mm/m²

Optical Honeycomb Breadboards provide a particularly effective way to expand the useful area of an optical table. These baseplates use the same sandwich structure as our full size optical table tops. The standard top skin is made of ferromagnetic stainless steel. Thickness of the skin is 5 mm, depending on the dimensions of the table top. The Honeycomb Breadboards can be mounted at the bottom side of a table or elevated above its surface using Silent Rods 795-0010.


These breadboards are not intended as a substitute for optical tables. Their size-to-thickness ratio produces relatively low end-to-end rigidity, although their local rigidity over distances of less than about 30 to 60 cm is excellent. When attached solidly to a dynamically rigid optical table, performance of resulting working surface becomes comparable to that of the table itself.