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Gauss-To-Top Hat Beam Shaping Lens GTH-3.6-1.75FA

Gauss-to-Top Hat Beam Shaping Lens is a special form lens used to distribute energy of Gaussian beam to Top Hat profile.


Lens Specifications:

Material: LF5 Schott glass

n= 1.5659 @1060 nm,

n= 1.5848 @ 546 nm,
n= 1.6192 @ 365 nm

Clear aperture:  dia 11.0 mm

Damage threshold (uncoated): >3J/cm2 @ 532 nm, 10 ns;

Mounted in to 1” ring holder.


Working distance is given by focal length of additional lens which is always needed. Top Hat appears always at focal plane of additional lens.
For instance if an additional lens f=100 is used, Top Hat appears at 100 mm behind additional lens. So GTH-3.6-1.75FA could be easily put in front of objectives for example.
The distance between GTH-3.6-1.75FA and additional lens is not critical (up to several tens of centimeters).
The full fan angle of Top-Hat generation for GTH-3.6-1.75FA is 1.75 mrad. This leads to Top-Hat sizes:
– 88×88 µm for lens with f=50 at 50 mm distance
– 175×175 µm for lens with f=100 at 100 mm distance
– 1.75×1.75 mm for lens with f=1000 at 1000 mm distance