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Finesse Laser

The finesse is used globally and is a world leader in its class. Delivering a range of powers at 532 nm, continuous-wave, and with the diode fibre-coupled to the laser head. The laser is small, efficient and requires minimal cooling due to its high efficiency. The finesse family is ideal as Ti:Sapphire pump lasers, and are already used worldwide. These features, combined with noise <0.1% RMS and an M-squared of <1.1, make the 532 nm finesse laser an ideal OEM laser or research tool.

The finesse family of 532 nm lasers are all characterised by the high power to size ratio, their rugged design and the quality of the beam. They are used by many research departments and femtosecond oscillator manufacturers around the world.

The finesse pure builds on the finesse platform and uses noise reduction technology to produce less than 0.03% RMS noise (0.02% for 10 W and above), making it suitable for any noise critical application.

The finesse pure CEP is the only pump laser specifically designed for carrier envelope phase stabilisation applications, allowing users to directly modulate the pump output replacing the need for an AOM