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Femtoline Zero Order Optically Contacted Wave Plates

Quarter-wave and half-wave retardance

  • Easy to align
  • Temperature-insensitive
  • Less sensitive to wavelength shift than multi order waveplates
  • Made from optical grade crystalline quartz
  • Suitable for high power laser applications


Zero order wave plates are used to rotate the direction of polarization (with λ/2 plates) or convert linear into circular polarization or vice versa (with λ/4 plates).


Zero order wave plates are made from two thin sections which are polished to different thicknesses to have retardation difference exactly equal to the one required. These component plates have orthogonal optic axis directions, so that the roles of the ordinary and extraordinary rays are interchanged in passing from one plate to the other.


Zero order optically contacted wave plates are supplied mounted and have multilayer dielectric anti-reflection coating on both sides maximising the transmission.


Material Single crystal quartz
Optical axis normal to facet on circumference of retarder
Clear aperture Ø17
Ring mount outer diameter 25.4 mm +0.0/-0.2 mm
Surface quality 20-10 scratch & dig (MIL-PRF-13830B)
Wavefront distortion λ/10@ 633 nm
Parallelism <10 arcsec
AR coating R<0.5%
Laser Damage Threshold >10m J/cm2, 50 fsec pulse, 800nm typical