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Femtoline Thin Film Laser Polarizers (Round)

Rs/Tp>99.5/95.0% for Standard Thin Film Laser Polarizers

  • Rs/Tp>99.5/99.0% for High Transmission Thin Film Laser Polarizers
  • Tp>98%, Ts<0.1% for Thin Film Polarizers with High Extinction Ratio
  • >200:1 exctinction ratio for standard and high transmission polarizers
  • >1000:1 exctinction ratio for polarizers with high extinction ratio (HE series)


Thin Film Polarizers seperate s- and p-polarization components. Thin Film Polarizers can be used as an alternative to Glan laser polarizing prisms or cube polarizing beamsplitters due to  the high damage threshold reaching 100 mJ/cm2, at 800 nm, 50 fsec.

Thin Film Polarizers are used in high energy lasers. They can be used for Yb:KGW/KYW or Ti:Sapphire laser fundamental wavelength and its harmonics or intracavity Q-switch hold-off polarizers. The most efficient way to use thin film laser polarizers is at Brewster angle – 56° ±2 ° with minimal losses. Typical horizontal polarization ratio Tp/Ts is 200:1.


Material BK7, UV FS
Surface Quality 20-10 scratch & dig (MIL-PRF-13830B)
Transmission efficiency Tp>95%
Extinction ratio Tp/Ts >200:1 (for standard and HT series)

>1000:1 (for HE series)

Laser damage threshold >100 mJ/cm2, 50 fsec pulse, 800 nm typical, 50 Hz