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Femtoline Laser Rear Mirrors @ 800 nm

Coated @ 800±20 nm

  • Laser damage threshold: >100 mJ/cm2, 50 fsec pulse, 800 nm typical
  • Manufactured from UVFS or BK7
  • 25.4 or 50.8 mm sizes available


High reflectivity (R>99.7%) dielectric coatings with high laser damage threshold are applied on laser rear mirrors. UVFS substrates are recommended for high power laser applications. Back side can be AR coated to avoid back reflection from second surface on request.


UV grade Fused Silica or BK7 glass
S1 Surface Flatness
λ/10 at 633 nm
S1 Surface Quality
20-10 scratch & dig (MIL-PRF-13830B)
S2 Surface Quality
Commercial polish
Diameter Tolerance
+0.00 mm-0.12 mm
Thickness Tolerance
0.3 mm at 45° typical


Electron beam multilayer dielectric
Adhesion and Durability
Per MIL-C-675A. Insoluble in lab solvents
Clear Aperture
Exceeds central 85% of diameter
Angle of Incidence
0-8° (normal)
Coating Hard dielectric High reflection R>99.7%
Laser Damage Threshold >100 mJ/cm2, 50 fsec pulse, 800 nm typical