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Femtoline AR Coated UV FS Series Lens Kits

Femoline lens kits contain a range of Ø 25.4 mm UV FS lenses with various different focal lengths. Kits include plano/convex, biconvex, plano/concave and biconcave lenses packed into a plastic box for safe handling and storage. Femtoline lens kits are supplied with anti-reflection coatings, designed for applications with high power femtosecond Ti:Saphire lasers.


We offer lens kits of two sizes: large lens kits with 40 lenses and small lens kit with 15 lenses. Lens kits are packed into plastic boxes:  large (40 pcs) – 35 x 30 x 6 cm, small (16 pcs) – 25 x 21 x 5 cm.


Material UV FS
Surface quality 40-20 scratch & dig (MIL-PRF-13830B)
Clear aperture 90% of the diameter
Diameter tolerance +0.00, -0.12 mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.5 mm
Surface irregularity λ/8 @ 633 nm
Concentricity 3 arcmin
Paraxial focal length:
±2% @ 355 nm