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BK7 Laser Line Mirrors

  • Highly reflective mirrors (>99.5% reflectivity)
  • Designed to work at 45° or 0° angle of incidence
  • Made from BK7 optical substrate
  • Recommended as a low-cost alternative to UV FS mirrors for non-critical laser applications
  • For laser line mirrors made of UV grade fused silica, please click here

Laser line mirrors are dielectric reflectors with an optimized performance at stated laser wavelengths. In this section we present laser mirrors made from BK7 glass and coated with a multilayer dielectric or IBS coating. High polishing quality of the mirror substrates is also important for low wave front distortion, low scattering and high damage threshold.


BK7 laser line mirors cover a wide range of laser applications in UV, VIS and NIR spectra.