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axiom laser

The axiom laser family has a new architecture that delivers high CW power whilst incorporating all of the active optics within the laser lead. With a 660 and 532 version, the axiom lends itself to easy integration into equipment due to its ultra-compact power supply unit, without the complexities associated with fibre delivery. With integrated water cooling, there is no requirement for a separate chiller plate.

The axiom 660 is ideally suited to a range of applications including Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV), Raman imaging, and a wide range of fluorescence imaging techniques. The high-power enables a brighter image in PIV and imaging of Raman emission over a larger area.

The axiom 532 with its exceptionally low noise and high power makes it the ideal Ti:Sapphire pump source, Fluorescence microscopy, and biomedical imaging.