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Zoom Microscope LWZ/LWZ-M

Microscope unit with combination of high resolution objective lenses and 12× zoom range.

This single unit covers from the overall image check to the magnified observation.


The light, compact body is suitable for assembly in a small space.

A single unit can cover everything from confirmation of the whole image to enlarged observation, with a zoom ratio 12× for optical performance.

Coaxial epi-illumination, which is regularly mounted on the product,enables the observation of bright fields.

Dark fields can be observed by using optional products, ring light guides and partial emission cassettes.

The lineup also includes motorized type suitable for embedding in equipment or for automatic measurements.

Manual type is switching the magnification manually and consisting of the zoom lens tube (SZL) and objective lens (ZOL series).

Motorized type is switching the magnification by controller and consisting of the zoom lens tube (SZLM), the objective lens (ZOL series),the switching controller (GIP-101) and the zoom control cable (ZCA-2).

C mount 1/2-inch camera is supported.


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Catalog Code:W2008