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Observation unit with coaxial illumination OUCI-2

This compact microscope is a customizable high performance imaging system for use in a wide range of applications from scientific research to industrial production equipment.


Support Infinity corrected objective lenses

Support Olympus made objective lenses at various magnifications as standard

The coaxial epi-illumination of the light guide enables the observation of bright fields.

The contrast of the illuminated light can be adjusted with an aperture stop.



The focus laser with large spot and laser detector are aligned at a large angle; outside of the objective lens. The focus is maintained by minimizing the error signal generated by the sensor.




◦As the observation optical system and auto focus optical system are independent, enabling to be matched with various magnification objective lenses at high accuracy inspection application.

◦Support transparent surface such as glass and film inspection.

◦Small and compact make it easy to be integrated into an inspection equipment system

◦Supports 2/3-inch or less CCD camera (C mount).



This is an objective lens positioner that realizes both high performance and lower prices with our company’s original positioning technology and processing technology developed through the manufacture of stages and other items. We offer the optimiged lens positioner for both manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment that require high throughput.


◦Motorized turret has better accuracy and durability than traditional turrets due to elimination of mechanical detents.

◦Includes 5-phase micro stepping motor and can achieve a resolution of less than a micron at the tip of objective lens.

◦When used with the GIP-101 controller, objectives can be switched quickly and accuarately either manually, using the push buttons on the controller, or automatically, using the computer interface.

◦Motorized lens switcher is designed to hold 2 objective lenses, to provide precise movements and feasible speed.

◦Using our proprietary extended contact bearing design to improve straightness.



A single axis controller with built-in micro-step driver having a 5-point preset function.

◦Compatible with objective lens turrets and other LASER accessory units in addition to motorized stages fitted with 5-phase stepping motor.



Multi controllers developed for controlling alignment systems.

◦These controllers come with expansion boards installed, which are necessary for equipment production together with the alignment software developed by Sigma Koki.

◦The desktop type FAPC comes with the alignment software ASS-02 installed, and the rack mount type FAPC comes with ASS-04 installed.



By blocking the co-axial illumination partially, surface is illuminated with grazing-incidence and microscopic asperity is emphasized during observation.



It is a product that is mounted to observation unit with coaxial illumination, and that introducing a laser beam to the observation optical system and coaxial.



The focusing unit can be installed to the observation unit with coaxial illumination and Zoom microscope. And it can be used as a microscope stand when combined with the pole stand.



This is the adapter for attachment to the observation unit with illumination and for the position alignment of the C mount camera. When combining with the dichroic case, it is used for adjustment the focal position of the laser beam entering to the dichroic case and the centering position of the camera or the focusing position.



This product is for mounting a C mount color camera on a trinocular microscope system. You can capture the images while looking in the eyepieces.



Please attach these lenses at the end of a microscope system to change the total magnification.